The Fact Book provides tools and consulting services to help multifamily owners, developers and investors optimize their asset management practices.

Consulting Services

We’re multifamily real estate professionals who are experts at interpreting, simplifying, and translating your data needs into good practices. You may already have complicated software and multiple reporting tools (along with unending spreadsheets and files), but still struggle with how to use the information. We can help you spend your time using information rather than managing data.

We will show you how to:

  • Find meaning in your operating data
  • Develop consistent metrics for evaluating costs
  • Eliminate redundant systems and processes within your real estate tools
  • Use the information you have to improve performance within your asset management practices

The Fact Book App

Use our toolset to optimize your asset management practices.

  • Designed to give the business user control without heavy IT investment
  • Store, Track and Organize your data
  • Implement within weeks not months

We will help you sort through your systems, reports, and metrics to develop customized solutions that help you to:

  • Avoid overbuying technology to track information
  • Build training and policies around business needs instead of technical specifications
  • Align your asset management structure with improved systems and processes

The Process

The process usually involves:

  1. Reviewing your current information sources
  2. Evaluating your information needs
  3. Identifying gaps between your sources and needs
  4. Providing options for filling those gaps. This could include developing Dashboard templates, simplified reports, or new processes to manage reporting structures.