Process & Pricing

Process & Pricing

Consulting Services

Need help thinking through how to organize and learn from the information you already have? We’re experts at interpreting, simplifying and understanding your real estate data needs.

Contact us to develop a strategy and custom proposal.

The App

Need a tool to replace spreadsheets and support your asset management practices without taking on a huge IT project? Quickly implement The Fact Book App with its focused process and transparent pricing. You’re in control of your data and the system from start to finish.

App Implementation Process

Contact us to discuss your real estate data goals and needs.

Contact us to discuss your real estate data goals and needs.

Complete the set-up Questionnaire.

Complete the set-up Questionnaire.

Complete a customized spreadsheet with your data.

Complete a customized spreadsheet with your data.

Use your data within The Fact Book App.

Use your data within The Fact Book App.

Get support as needed from The Fact Book.

Get support as needed from The Fact Book.


Consulting Services and Technical Assistance

Need help thinking through your information tracking needs or structuring your asset management functions but not necessarily a software system? Contact us for hourly or packaged rates.

App Implementation

Ready to get started with the App? The Fact Book App implementation pricing generally ranges from $100-$500 per property for initial set-up. The entire process can generally be completed within a month.

This involves: Comprehensive overview of your real estate data needs and processes with design and development of the system including:

  • 15 categories with 150 default fields that can be renamed or removed
  • 10 additional custom fields per category
  • 25 custom reports
  • 10 workflows and/or email alerts
  • One-time bulk upload of all data.
  • Training to learn the system and to manage the data and reports
  • Assistance to integrate the system into your ongoing processes and communicate changes organization-wide
  • Unlimited support for the first month of use

On-Going App Fees

Because The Fact Book App is built on a platform provided by Quick Base®, purchase of the underlying software from Quick Base® is required. Monthly fees start at $15 per user per month (for your entire portfolio) and depend on data needs and number of users. See Quick Base® does not require a contract and is billed on a monthly basis per their Terms of Service.

After App Implementation

What if I decide I don’t like the system or want to change to a different system? Your Quick Base® license is month-to-month so you can always cancel your ongoing charges at any time and your first 30 days are free. You also control your own data and can download any or all of it at any time into excel files for import into any other format.

Change your mind on what to track or need more help? Hourly or packaged support help is available any time.

Transition Strategies

You may be thinking, we can’t implement another system and dedicate anyone to gather all of this information.

You probably have most of this information in spreadsheets in some form – much of that can be copied and pasted onto the set-up spreadsheet. The rest of it can be added as it makes sense. It’s better to build a home and begin to furnish it slowly than refuse to move in until it’s completely furnished.

If you’re not the one usually gathering the data or creating the reports, you may assume that these are not time consuming tasks for your staff. Unless you have this information in a database, your staff is likely spending a large amount of time just administering data and assembling it instead of spending time on more valuable activities.

Get Started

To get started, fill out our online contact form to talk through your organization’s needs and questions.

The Fact Book Membership

Coming Soon

This option allows for discounted support help and also access to useful templates and information to help you more fully use The Fact Book App.


  • Which housing metrics matter and why?
  • Which comes first, the organization or the properties?
  • How does The Fact Book help you learn from your information?
  • How can Resident Service grants or services be incorporated into The Fact Book?
  • How to use The Fact Book to compare revenues and costs
  • What should asset managers track that you’re not tracking now?
  • Nonprofit, public and private housing owners – are there differences in asset management?
  • It’s not about you – how to put property needs ahead of organizational needs
  • Budget templates to use in The Fact Book
  • How should real estate organizations structure their IT needs around operations?