Building Your
Real Estate Database

Simplify data · Organize information · Learn from your assets


Data and documents all in one place

Beginning in pre-development and continuing through operations, we simplify your information sources to eliminate redundant reports and create meaningful metrics. Using build-as-you-go apps, no more scrambling to pull together deal books years after a property closes or when a triggering event occurs.


Never miss an event

With rapid implementation of focused apps, we streamline your information to support effective asset management practices. Assign alerts and workflows to complete ongoing tasks that can easily get missed such as contract renewals, loan expirations, rent increases, business filings and funder required reporting.


Your facts are talking to you

We help you interpret your data to find meaning and clarity at the portfolio level. Find trends and make comparisons on essential information such as insurance premiums, property taxes, compliance review scores, and loan terms. Sort operating information by property type, geography or any other data field to gain even more insight.

Plus, get the easy stuff done quickly and painlessly:

Find unit counts by subsidy type, look-up a property by tax or HUD Id, quickly find the date of the last appraisal or Capital Needs Assessment (along with the actual document), or build information for an insurance quote.